Reports and Nomogram

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This section describes using Datagraph-med to verify existing and to create new nomograms as well as to generate reports of missing follow ups and future treatments.


The idea behind our 'Nomogram Verification Tool' is to compare the achieved change in refraction with the values which where entered into the laser ('Laser Settings'). Based on a simple regression analysis of existing data we then can make a prediction what will happen when you program a certain number into your laser. In simple words: if your laser gave an average -5 D change for a - 5.5D laser setting you will be told by the nomogram tool to enter -5.5 when intending to achieve -5 of change.




New in version 4.0 we have a 'Advanced Nomogram Tool' which uses multi-parametric regression analysis to generate a set of 10 coefficients based on your existing pre and postoperative data. The advantage of this new tool is a more complex regression formula which includes a cylinder cross coupling term taking into account the effect of cylinder cross coupling on the spherical outcome.

Disadvantage is that like for any more complex regression formula a sufficient amount of data points are required in order to achieve meaningful results. We therefore limit the use of this tool for data sets of 100 eyes or more. If you have less than 100 cases you may still use the 'nomogram verification tool' to see the effect of your current nomogram which may help you to adjust your laser input values as first step until enough data is available for a full regression analysis.


Important! Due to the complexity of data entry, analysis steps and programming we can not guarantee for a proper function. So you have to be aware of this risk of software errors and accept to use Datagraph-med and its nomogram features entirely on your own risk. No claims shall be made against Ingenieurbüro Pieger GmbH, its employees, programmers or distributors whenever it comes to patient claims because of bad results. In any case - contact your laser manufacturer before making any changes to your nomograms!


To start using the nomogram verification tool first you have to read and accept the text of following pop up screens.





Both nomogram tools are not suitable for mixed astigmatism! Eyes treated as mixed astigmatism need to be excluded from your dataset when making nomograms. (Future updates of Datagraph-med will have special tools for mixed astigmatism)