Other Known Issues

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*Exporting data to MS Excel may be problematic under certain country settings of your computer. We recommend to use US Country settings with '.' as decimal delimiter. Check and compare your exported data after exporting!

*Problems may exist when complex language settings with support of Arabic or far east characters is enabled. Try with US or German country settings first and then add other code pages and languages as needed. Test Datagraph in between in order to identify non compatible regional settings.

*Export of scatter plot graphs to PowerPoint some times causes the data points to be mixed. The reason seems to be a MS Office configuration problem. Try to re-install MS Office, apply service packs or upgrade to MS Office XP or 2003.

Workaround: Graphs can be corrected within PowerPoint by double clicking on the graph and clicking on the 'row/column' icon. After going back to normal view the data point are on the right position.

* Some filter functions like 'filter by form' or 'filter excluding selection' may not be available in the Access Runtime environment. Install MS Office Prof. including Access and make sure that Datagraph-med is started without the '/runtime' option in the program shortcut. (right click on the icon and change target under properties to "C:\Programme\Microsoft Office\Office10\MSACCESS.EXE" "C:\Programs\Datagraph-med 3.90 XP\Datagraph 3.90 XP.mde" if necessary.

We are working to solve problems! Should you discover additional bugs please e-mail: info@datagraph-med.de. Suggestions for improvements are highly appreciated!